Thursday, December 17, 2015

Through to Day 15 - My Lungs Hurt

Yep, I feel like a ragmop, but not as furry.
Technically, it's not my lungs that hurt, it's the muscles around them. But geez, it hurts.

I'm suspicious that there might be something wrong with the oxygen process, as another patient mentioned that he feels it's much more difficult to breathe on the lower number side than on the higher number side of the chamber. I guess I'll mention that on Sunday, though I'm not sure it's true. On the other hand, they'd been moving us around a lot, and I had the same seat for the past three days, and until then I hadn't had this kind of pain.

I spoke to the doctor, and I'll be getting free-flowing oxygen starting Sunday. In the meantime, I'm absurdly sore, and breathing even outside the chamber isn't exactly comfortable. I hope that the two days off will let me heal.

People keep asking me if it's working, and I honestly don't know. Right now, I'm so sore from the breathing issue that I can't think past that. The past two days, I've pretty much looked like a rag.. or as someone once said -R-A-G-G-M-O-P-P- Ragmop!

In other news, I'm less than a week from opening night of the play that I'm in, and I'm both extremely excited and extremely nervous.