Saturday, December 5, 2015

First Weekend - Pharmacy Edition.

or maybe the number of pills I take each day?
My kitchen pretty much looks like this
It's been an interesting few days, health-wise.
I had a brutal time falling asleep Thursday night, but eventually with two Optalgin, plus an extra dose of Tramadex 50mg (I already take 200 OD - which is slow release and lasts 24 hours) I was able to sleep at 5am. That was, needless to say, far from ideal.

Friday night, I tried that with a little bit of melatonin, and I slept really well. I woke up Saturday morning, went to synagogue, and came home feeling like I'd been lifting heavy boxes for hours. I slept another 5 hours, then woke up and went to lie on the couch and hang out with the family.

Now I've been up about 5 hours, and I'm almost tired enough to go to sleep again. I think I'll take a melatonin tonight, too, just to keep everything on schedule. The last thing I want is to be up until 2am tonight and then to feel even worse tomorrow.

Basically, I feel like I'm ingesting a small pharmacy daily, but this should be temporary. Hopefully, in a few more weeks, I'll start feeling better instead of worse... In the meantime, I'm grateful for a husband who took care of the kids all afternoon, parents who love me, friends who are amazingly supportive, and a doctor who didn't make me come into the office to ask for extra pain medicine.

Photo by Ryan Lackey

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