Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day Five

This is one of the four multi-person chambers
We all live in a yellow submarine... Ok. It's really white. So I'm getting more used to the rhythm of things. I wake up, get everyone dressed and ready, and head off to the hospital. I get my stickers, they take my temperature and blood pressure. I put my purse in a locker, go to the bathroom-it turns out that you *can* escape in the middle, but it means an extra drop and rise in pressure, which is not exactly fun. Then a drink, and then into the chamber. 
I have a  passenger who I take home, and then it's time to get the baby... It's there that everything fails, and I am so tired and in so much pain that it just isn't workable. Unfortunately, children arrive, need lunch, need a mommy... Maybe we'll get there next week.


  1. I'm sorry it's so hard i the afternoons. Is your Mum or someone else around who could help? or could you get a babysitter to help you for a couple of weeks? Lots of love. xxx

    1. My parents are already helping so much, and I'm already spending so much of the family budget on this... It's really too much to ask for afternoon help. I'll just have to keep pushing through.