Sunday, February 14, 2016

Inquiring Minds

Over the past few days, a number of people have asked how I'm doing and what's happening with the treatment, and I pretty much haven't answered. The truth is that I've been really depressed for the past few weeks. My dog passed on, and while he was a dog, and he lived a full life and he's in a better place and all that, my friend - the one who has been with me every step of the way through the past 17 years- is gone.

I miss him a lot, and I've really sunk into depression. Additionally, unlike before where I was working toward the play, I am really not working toward anything at the moment. A friend and I had decided to go to a concert in order to celebrate reaching certain health-related goalposts, which picked me up a little. The concert was great, and we had a real adventure getting there and back which involved an overheating car, someone lighting a cigarette lighter under the hood of said overheating car, getting towed, driving someone else's car without a rear windshield, and a quiet taxi ride home. My car is fine, thanks for asking :) There was a leaky hose, and it's been fixed.

However, being out overnight seems to have knocked me off course, as I came down with strep and have been out of the pressure chamber for over a week now - so I'm stuck on treatment number 47, and I'm depressed, and I'm still in pain, and I'm not sure if the exhaustion is the strep or the antibiotics or the depression or just regular fibromyalgia.

But I'm not feeling too great at the moment. I can only hope it gets better.