Sunday, December 6, 2015

One Tenth!

Yep. That's how I look when I'm hooked up to oxygen!
Today was treatment number six.
I tried to sleep, but couldn't - I think it's mainly because the oxygen is behind a valve, and the effort needed to breathe is more than I can put out while asleep.

Apparently, the fact that it wears me out is totally normal, and the fact that I'm in a lot of pain is also totally normal.

I talked to another fibro patient today who is at around 50 treatments and I got some feedback that I found useful if not as encouraging as I'd hoped. She says that she still gets run down very quickly, but is slowly building up her strength.

So I was thinking that it's kind of like a trip, and there's crew and passengers and stuff. So it's a manned mission because there's a nurse inside, but the main operator is outside. The guy who usually does it is called Barry. He has a bunch of video screens in front of him and he's supposed to watch everyone for signs of oxygen poisoning, as well as tell us when our breaks are and handle the airlocks.

I realized today that there are two airlocks. I'm not sure that's what they're really called, but there's this little tiny chamber where they can pass through small items if someone needs something, and there's also a bigger chamber which can seat a few people. That chamber can be sealed, brought up to 1 atmosphere (like the chamber I sit in), and then people can go into it and decompress so that they can use the restroom.

Pro-tip - if you bring gum in in a container that closes, don't close it during pressurization or depressurization. The former causes the sides to cave in - the latter causes the top to pop off, loudly.

Water is served from plastic pitchers which do not seal. Apparently, this is why.

6 down, 54 to go.

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